Massage for Dogs

Now offering Dog Massage for your beloved canine companion!


Is your dog an agility dog? Did your dog get injured and in need of some rehab care? Does your dog seem to be stressed or have anxiety? Dog massage can help whether your dog needs treatment massage to get a better range of motion or a basic massage to relax the mind and body. Dogs benefit from massge the same way we do. It will help prolong the quality of their life, ease stress, and keep their bodies at their best performance levels.

As a nationally certified massage therapist I have worked with my clients to help them achieve pain-free lives and keep them at their maximum performance, as well as working with their dogs to achieve the same. This experience has sparked a passion to offer dog massage as a service to everyones dog. 

I will come to your house and give your dog a massage in all the comforts of his/her home. If your pooch prefers to be out and about you are welcome to make an office appointment.


  • 20 minutes       $50
  • 30 minutes       $70
  • 40 minutes       $95
  • 60 minutes     $125

Add $20 for at home services.