Sports Massage and Rehab Therapy

Each treatment is specific to each individual person. Depending on your sport or daily activity (including sitting at a computer or playing video games), different demands are made on your muscles.  I incorporate various modalities (Active Release Techniques, cupping, Guasha scraping with tools, myofascial therapy, thai and many other techniques)  to help you get a full range of motion, prevent injuries or aid in injury rehab so you can achieve maximum performance. Each session also includes stretching and training exercises for you to do at home.

  • 30 min session $75
  • 45 min session $100
  • 60 min session $125

Shockwave Therapy

MyACT Shockwave Therapy sends focused soundwaves into the body to break up scar tissue and adhesions. Think of a crystal glass that shatters with a high frequency of sound, this is how the soundwaves break up the scar tissue. Scar tissue is broken up on all levels including the deep areas where a therapists hands just can't get to. This treatment is a great method for acute or chronic pain and during the healing phase after surgery.

  • $75 per 15 minute session
  • $350 for a pack of 5 sessions 
  • Add it to your therapy session for an additional $25

Swiss Ball Workout

With the swiss ball you will receive one on one instruction learning various ways to stretch and strengthen your body. Great for beginner to intermediate workouts, people with back problems or those needing to learn some rehab exercises.

  • 30 min session $40 
  • 45 min session $60
  • 60 min session $80