About Me

Jessica Ippoliti, LMT started her career as a sports massage therapist with a passion for helping athletes enhance their performance.  She attended Space Coast Health Institute in Melbourne, FL; followed by a sports internship with the Florida Marlins during spring training.

Upon completion Jessica went on to enhance her skills even more by continuing her education; receiving certifications in Active Release Techniques, Neuromuscular Therapy, Chek Swiss Ball exercise and basic weight training.  She continually takes various seminars to learn more about injury prevention/treatment and new techniques to integrate into her practice, making her work exclusive to individual needs.


Jessica works with many various athletes including weekend warriors. Spending her first 9 years working with MLB players during spring training she also has experience working with NFL players, NBA players, professional golfers, runners, triathletes, tennis and gold medal olympians along the way to name a few.

Renowned by many of her clients as having 'magical hands', 'hands of steel' and 'the best treatment they have ever had', Jessica has a profound talent for alleviating pain that can limit one’s performance. Always striving to go above and beyond expectations, she corresponds with many various collegues in the field of rehabilitation to keep abreast of the latest and best techniques and information.




Kate Oliver, CMT was encouraged by her mother’s experience as a massage therapist, she completed her basic training in 1999. The program incorporated over 1,000 hours of training, including: Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Anma (Traditional Japanese massage - source of modern Shiatsu). Over the years she has continued to study additional modalities that range from the subtle and nurturing, to the penetrative and invigorating, such as CranioSacral Therapy and Structural Integration (akin to Rolfing). image

After 20 years of practicing in Los Angeles, Kate and her husband moved to Petaluma, CA., to start anew in a cooler, rural setting. Inspired by her relocation, she is building her practice with an emphasis upon clinical focus, to effectively and efficiently produce more long term results with clients by utilizing the Hendrickson Method. Clients have been raving about Kate and the difference she has made in their healing.